M.C.Slates have been able to supply top quality roofing slates to many of the large estates and trusts throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.  These period residences that range from a cottage, stately home, churches to a castle require the use of old reclaimed materials for their external period facade.   These trusts and estates work to keep our architectural history alive, otherwise these buildings would be lost forever.


M.C.Slates is able to offer antique architectural salvage and reclaimed traditional building materials.


We have a large selection of antique granite for the garden comprising of small to very large troughs, grinding wheels, pot’s, also we have a selection of new granite fountains and water features.


We have vast stocks of reclaimed flooring slate, roofing slate, clay tiles, ridges, finials and chimney pots.  The many types of reclaimed roofing slate that we stock are Delabole, Welsh Grey, Welsh Purple and French.   Also available are reclaimed Clay Tiles, Single Romans, Double Romans, Triple Romans and Pan Tiles.


We speacialise in reclaimed ridge tiles and we have well over ten thousand reclaimed ridges at any one time from Plain Orange Clay Terracotta Ridges, Staffordshire Blue to Black Glazed Ridges.  Patterned Ridge range from Roll Tops, Club, Cock’s Combs, Scallops, Fleur De Lys, Hogback and Interlocking this is to mention just a few.  Also we are fortunate to have one of the largest ranges of reclaimed Finials, plain to very decorative from Small Scrolls, Cockerel Tails to Impressive Dragons.


We also have a selected range of reclaimed Chimney Pots that come in all shapes and sizes from small plain round, louvered, crowns to very large impressive ornate pots.  The colours include terracotta orange, yellow, Staffordshire blue, brown and black glazed pots.


Miscellaneous items can range from pillar caps, cobbles, granite coins, slate window sills, wooden wagon wheels and ox feeders.


So whether you wish to restore the original features of your home and garden to their former glory, or you want to acquire a period focal piece, then come and visit our showroom.


Plus we purchase reclaimed roofing materials and architectural salvage, please call if you have any of these for sale where we will be happy to offer you a price either delivered or collected.