All types of slate flooring within the showroom are kept in stock in vast quantities.  Therefore from selecting and ordering your product this can be delivered anywhere in the UK within two working days.

Slate is a unique and durable natural stone which will leave a life long lasting impression.  This earthy stone exudes warmth and is also sturdy and durable. The character of slate stone allows it to fit into a traditional design and at the same time giving it a real classic old world feel.

Slate is by no means just black and cold, you will find with the colours available it can bring a warm and homely feel to your home. Slate can be used in a cottage kitchen or a stately home.  Slate is a hard wearing and a low maintenance product.  We have supplied numerous projects using slate flooring and these have included homes, public houses, restaurants, hotels, shops and outdoor areas.  You will find just about anywhere is an ideal option for slate.  Slate can have an appearance of being modern and elegant, whilst a favourite with public houses and old cottages is the fact you can achieve a floor with the appearance of being hundreds of years old, by selecting the right size, texture and colour.


Slate was formed from clay on ancient sea beds by the metamorphism (rock structure changes due to heat and/or pressure) of shale and clay, basically, slate is compacted mud.  Sometimes plant fossils are found on the surfaces of slate stones. If you find any fossils, reserve this special piece for a focal point in your stone flooring project.

Like granite, slate is durable and impervious to heat. It is fire resistant and you don't need to worry about burning or charring your slate fire hearths. It is a fine grained and non porous natural stone, it won't absorb water and liquids. Slate stone has a lower absorption rate so stains aren't a big concern. 

Slate is extremely versatile and is available in flagstones, slabs perfect for window sills, fire hearths, worktops and flooring.  This natural stone is perfect for flooring projects, offering the use of many different sizes, including set sizes, random sizes, random flags and free-length.  Also offering many different finishes varying from polished, honed, smooth, tumbled, gentle riven, riven, coarse riven and undulated.  

The soft veining and mottled colours of slate are earthy and usually darker, whereas the multi- colour slates are rustic and more colourful. There is an array of colours including blacks, greys, silvers, rustic autumn colours, olive greens, sea greens, light greens, pastels and pinks.