Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed by layers of marine organisms deposited on the sea floor and compressed to create a stone of unique texture and character, with a variety of surface markings. There are many varieties and colours of limestone available, we can offer 25 types.  The neutral tones and textures of this product can make it timeless and elegant.  Also available in different finishes including Polished, Honed, Brushed, Tumbled, Chipped and Antique.

Jerusalem Limestone is a very popular product ranging in colour from shades of Golds to Greys.  This product is ideal when you require a Tumbled, Distressed or Brushed finish, giving it more of a warm, soft and antique look. We are able to supply the whole range of Natural Jerusalem stone flooring from honed and polished tiles, classic Antique, tumbled tiles in large sizes up to the famous Biblical Stone. The fossils in this stone are of shells and small sea creatures which once again is a great focal point for any floor.

Jura Limestone meaning from the Jurassic period.  Jura Limestone contains evidence of the natural world as it was in the Mesozoic age approximately 150 million years ago.   During this period countless animals and plants sank to the ground of the ancient Tethys Ocean and became fossilized in the carbonate mud on the ocean bed, which over time has turned into the Jura Limestone.  Now you can take home these precious and unique relics of a bygone age, these “snapshots” of evolution in the form of Jura Limestone flooring.  Typical fossils found are Ammonites, Belemnites, Quartz Veins, Sponges, Corals and Feather Stars. This limestone is one of the hardest in our range of limestone’s, making it ideal for use in entrances, kitchens and other high traffic settings. The stone is also effective on walls because of the colour and interesting features.  This is a popular choice for shopping malls, hotels and airports due to its hardwearing quality which makes it a perfect choice for the home as well.

Limestone from Peru has been used for the construction of churches and buildings for thousands of years because of the durability of the stone. The land of Peru is crossed by the immense Andes Mountains and the Andean highlands where peaks exceeding 15000 feet above the sea level are as common as the numerous secluded valleys where the quarries are found.  We stock a wide range of this rare stone with it’s rich and beautiful colours ranging from creams, beige, warm walnut, browns, yellows and golds.  We can offer three main finishes for this product polished, honed and antique tumbled which gives this stone a warm, rustic look.